Water & Sewer Finance

Water & Sewer Experience

Siebert Cisneros Shank remains one of the top underwriters for negotiated water and sewer bonds having served as senior manager for many of the largest systems in the country. A national leader in water and sewer financings, the firm has served as bond underwriter for more than 700 offerings (exceeding $137 billion in par), of which 100, totaling over $18 billion, have been as senior manager. The firm ranked 5th nationally as a senior-managing underwriter of negotiated water and sewer financings in 2018.

Water and sewer utilities are consistently presented with significant challenges that require them to manage their long-term policies and financial plans. The nature of the sector remains highly capital intensive due to a range of factors including changes to environmental regulations, combined sewer overflow, ongoing drought conditions and aging infrastructure. Our firm’s commitment to this sector is exemplified by our efforts to develop innovative ways to address the constantly changing dynamics within the public utility sector.

Selected Senior-managed Water & Sewer Transactions