Municipal Services

Municipal Underwriting

The public finance department is structured to maximize the value of the technical and execution services that we offer our clients. It is comprised of investment bankers with a variety of professional backgrounds, and combines extensive structuring and underwriting experience with a long history of innovation for the firm’s clients. Siebert Williams Shank provides in-house debt structuring and financial analysis capabilities that incorporate some of the latest technologies available in the industry. Our services include:

  • Debt portfolio creation and monitoring of potential restructuring and refunding opportunities to provide ongoing advice for overall debt management;
  • Tax-exempt and taxable debt structuring, including optimal bond sizing calculations utilizing fixed, stepped and zero coupons;
  • Proprietary sizing and refunding applications, portfolio optimization calculations, and preparation of escrow and arbitrage compliance calculations necessary to optimize advance-refunding transactions;
  • Project financing strategies;
  • Flow of funds models;
  • Analysis of derivative products; and
  • Call optimization strategies

In addition to the above services, we keep our clients abreast of market changes and trends in the municipal market. Our sophisticated market analytic tools assist both our buy-side clients as well as new issue municipal clients.

Municipal Advisory Services

Siebert Williams Shank takes a multi-faceted approach as a financial advisor. Our goal is to review and analyze every aspect of our client’s situation with a view to ensuring the full range of financing alternatives are taken into consideration as we help our clients develop the best possible plan to fulfill their objectives.

Given our extensive experience working with the rating agencies, bond insurers, banks and investors, our clients can be confident that we will achieve their objectives and yield the lowest-cost financings available.

Source for total deals and rankings: Refinitiv’s SDC Platinum