William C. Thompson, Jr.

Senior Managing Director
& Chief Administrative Officer

Bill Thompson

The Honorable William C. Thompson, Jr., joined Siebert Cisneros Shank in April 2010, having previously served eight years as the Comptroller for the City of New York—from January 2002 to December 2009. In November 2015, Mr. Thompson became an equity owner in the firm.

Mr. Thompson’s extensive experience in successfully managing the finances of one of the nation’s largest cities has afforded him unique insight into the needs of local municipal issuers. As Comptroller, Mr. Thompson also served as custodian and investment advisor to the five New York City Pension Funds, where he managed a combined portfolio amounting to more than $100 billion at the close of his tenure. In this role, Mr. Thompson invested hundreds of millions of dollars in affordable housing and commercial real estate in New York City. During his tenure, Mr. Thompson also worked with leaders of the financial services industry to reform the operations of the New York Stock Exchange, and spearheaded the City’s innovative Banking Development District program. Mr. Thompson also served as a Senior Vice President in Public Finance in the mid-1990s.

Mr. Thompson is a graduate of Tufts University. Prior to his work as Comptroller, he served as Brooklyn Deputy Borough President and as a Member and five-term President of the New York City Board of Education.