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Unless otherwise agreed in writing, SWS is not acting as a municipal advisor, financial advisor or fiduciary and the information provided should not be construed as “advice” within the meaning of Section 15B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

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SEC Rule 606 Disclosures

SEC Rule 606 promulgated under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires broker-dealers that route customer orders in equity and option securities to publish quarterly reports (“606 Reports”) that provide an overview of the broker-dealer’s order routing practices.

The 606 Reports disclose, among other things, information on the broker-dealer’s routing of “non-directed orders.” Each section of the 606 Report identifies which venues Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC (“SWS”) selected to route its customer orders; setting forth the various types of orders and percentages thereof routed to such venues. SWS does not engage in options trading and therefore did not route any options trades for execution.

Best Execution Disclosure

In every transaction for a customer, whether acting as principal or agent, Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC owes its customer a duty of best execution.

For equity transactions, best execution means obtaining the most fair and reasonable price for the customer. Care is taken to ensure the firm obtains best execution for is customers by reviewing OATS Reports and other available data. Best execution involves more than just getting the best price for the customer. Other factors include speed and likelihood of execution. Anonymity and liquidity could also be relevant factors.

In all cases, best execution should be viewed from the customer’s point of view, not the firm’s.

Customer Relationship Summary

Customer Relationship Summary

Clearing Firm Disclosure